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Over 30 Years of a Trusted Partner

We believe it is our team who have created our successful design practice through their passion, ambition and confidence


Foreword from President Director

Participants of Asia Business Outlook Survey 2019 expect their firms’ global revenues increasingly to be generated in Asia. In fact, they expected that up to 45% of global revenues to come from Asia by 2023. A majority of these respondents reported that their companies are, therefore, investing at the right rate to achieve market objectives in this continent.


A significant number of them also mentioned Indonesia as the destination for increased investment besides the other promising countries in its neighbourhood. This promising outlook drives construction industries in Indonesia and its neighbouring countries to grow rapidly to meet the enormous needs in high quality new buildings and other types of infrastructure. Responding to these demands, PT Gistama Intisemesta keeps developing its reputation as highly regarded Structural Engineering Consulting Firm since the company was established in 1989.


In these last thirty years of its service, the engineering team of this company has been trusted to handle various mega projects owned by prestigious owners. Professionalism, Innovation, and Cost Consciousness have been our motto in becoming our clients' reliable and highly professional partner in providing innovative and cost effective solutions for structural engineering projects, especially since most of the projects entrusted to us are located in high-seismic risk areas. To be able to do so, we keep equipping our engineers with continuous professional development and cutting edge structural design facilities, such as the latest software for 3D structural analysis and the Building Information Modeling (BIM).


Furthermore, in providing engineering solutions we also consistently consider the effect of global warming and putting serious efforts to save our living environment. As an example, we actively promote the utilizations of precast (prestressed) concrete in various building projects in order to reduce the use of timber formwork.


Together with our dynamic teamwork, allow me to thank you for your kind attention and for trusting us with your prestigious projects in the past. I am looking forward to the establishment of our future co-operations and I hope that you keep counting on us for your endeavours in the years to come.

Sugeng Wijanto, Ph.D., P.Eng.

President Director

Board of Directors & Commissioner


Ir. Ign. Toto Ismintarto



Ir. Wawan Chendrawan, M.T

Technical Director


Sugeng Wijanto, Ph.D., P.Eng.

President Director


Takim Andriono, Ph.D.



Ir. Lukman Chandra, IPU-HAKI.


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