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Astra Honda Motor

Astra Honda Motor (AHM) built its third new plant on a 20 hectares site at the MM-2100 Industrial Complex in Cibitung, West Java. The total floor area of this new plant is 110,000 m² (11 hectares). The project which was commenced in September 2004 and completed in October 2005, consists of four main production buildings and some other supporting facilities, such as a two-storey office building, a large dining room to accommodate 1800 workers, a mosque, as well as power plant and water treatment plant units, warehouses, etc.


Precast concrete elements were used extensively in this project for several reasons, namely to save construction time since the elements can be manufactured in parallel with the other on-site works, to guarantee the quality of construction works, to safe construction cost, and to avoid the use of timber formwork as commonly used in cast-in-place concreting in Indonesia. The latest issue would also support conservation of forests in Indonesia. In addition the suspended precast concrete floor technique will guarantee that there will be no cracks on the ground floor slab in the future due to the soil swelling.


Precast concrete elements again became the best alternative for constructing the structure of the large dining room located 8.5 metres above the ground level on top of the drive way. For this purpose thirty meter long span precast beams with 5 meter cantilever beams at their both ends and 20 meter I-girders as the middle parts. This project obtained and international award in 2006 from the Institute of Structural Engineering, United Kingdom (UK), for its remarkable achievement in completing the 110,000 m² of high quality construction in 55 weeks and for its best use of appropriate materials and technology.

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