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Central Park

The Central Park is a large commercial mixed-use complex built in a fast track during 2008-2010. The project is located on a piece of land of 9.5 hectares in West Jakarta. The complex has a total floor area around 720.000 m², consisting of three 50-floor apartment towers, a 42-floor office tower, a podium mall with 12-floor car park building, a 13-floor hotel building on top of the podium and car park, two layer of basement covering the whole area to support the entire buildings, including an open space garden at the ground floor.

In order to anticipate the tunnelling effect during a severe strong wind blows on this group of high rise buildings, a wind tunnel test was carried out at the VIPAC laboratory in Melbourne, Australia. The results were then incorporated in the structural analysis and design, combined with other loads, such as gravity and seismic loads. To accommodate the unique architectural design, special efforts were also needed in the structural analysis and design, such as calculating large diagonal columns, preparing transferring zones for column and shear wall transitions, etc.

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