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Mixed-Use Rajawali Place

The 234 m Residential Tower has 55 storeys above-grade plus five levels below-grade for parking. The tower is rather regular in plan and in height. The typical floor plan is about 46 m by 41 m. A dual system provides lateral-load resistance to the Tower. The dual system is composed of a reinforced concrete core wall with the longitudinal axis predominantly oriented in the North-South direction, and a number of three-dimensional moment-frames with beams framing into oblong columns.


Performance-based seismic design analyses were conducted in accordance with ASCE7-10 in order to prove that the building seismic performance is in compliance with the PEER Report No. 2010/5 and LATBSDC-2015.


The Rajawali Headquarters Office will be one of the focal points for the Mixed-Use Rajawali. Located at the corner of the site, the office will be approximately 153 m tall with 28-storeys. The majority space is dedicated for commercial offices equipped with conference facilities, a medical centre, and retails at the lower floors. The office incorporates atrium garden, which runs up the West face of the building. This atrium provides an amenity space for the office while also acts to improve the energy performance of the building.

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