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Signature Tower

The Jakarta Signature Tower is to be anticipated reaching high in the sky of Indonesia as the fifth tallest building in the world. With its top crown, the main tower will reach 638 meters. It will become the landmark of Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) with its 111 floors and 7 layers of basement for parking space and MEP facilities.


Since it stands on very deep, soft soil layers of alluvial deposit, the tower has a complex seismic behavior. Furthermore, it is very slender with some architectural setbacks at its corners and this tower is located in one of the most active seismic zones in the world. As a mega-tall building, the structural lateral load resisting system of this tower must be very efficient and well integrated with the overall design to satisfy the building code requirements in a severe seismic zone. Therefore, this tower uses a “ Core-Outriggers-Mega Frame” system including a concrete core, outrigger trusses, super columns and an exterior mega frame consists of the super columns and belt trusses.


The tower primary lateral force resisting system consists of a hybrid concrete core linked by steel outrigger trusses at three levels to eight super composite perimeter columns. The main tower secondary lateral system consists of a mega frame with super columns and belt trusses on each face. Both thickness of the core walls and dimension of the super columns decrease at the upper floors to maximum the usable areas. Super columns are straight at the lower floors and slope gradually at the upper floors to fit the tower profile. The use of super columns connected to the concrete core with outriggers is a simple and cost effective.


Structural system and has been used for tall buildings throughout Asia, such as the 632m tall Shanghai Center Tower, 660m tall Ping An Financial Center Tower, and 421m tall Jin Mao tower, among others. Jakarta Signature Tower complex has a podium of 11 floors, mostly for retail shops. On its 7th floor, a column free-space is provided to accommodate a ballroom. The roof of this podium has a garden and its accessable by public. Another tower of 52 floors will be built adjacent to and become an integral part of the main tower and its podium. Expansion joint will be placed between these two towers and its podium above the ground level to accommodate the different structural behavior of these three masses.


The structural design of this complex was done as a joint effort by Thornton Tomasetti – New York and PT Gistama Intisemesta.

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