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Kota Kasablanka

Kota Kasablanka is a mixed-use building complex located at Jalan Kasablanka Kav. 9-10, South Jakarta. The initial design of this project was completed in 1994 and the phase-1 construction was commenced in 1995. It consisted of a 30-floor office tower, two 30-floor apartment towers, 4-floor podium mall, and a 25-floor hotel tower on top of the podium. Unfortunately the construction was terminated in 1997 following the financial crisis which hit many Asian countries, including Indonesia at that time.


Almost eight years later, PT Elite Prima Hutama took over the ownership of this project and restarted the project with some minor to moderate modifications to suit the more current needs. Since the building had been abandoned for so long, a thorough survey and a series of tests were needed to be carried out in order.


To ensure the strength, stiffness and stability of the existing structural components as well as to know the essential improvements which were necessary for certain structural elements that experienced cracks, honeycomb, etc. Based on the site survey and test results, it was found that in general the existing structural elements are still in good conditions. A series of structural analyses and design were once again conducted. Some alterations in room layouts, outer appearance of the buildings, and their consequences in load paths and structural robustness were taken into account.

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