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Jakarta Greenfield

The project is located at the Karawang International Industry City, West Java, Indonesia. The completed total floor area of production buildings is approximately 53,000 m² while the total floor area of raw material warehouses reaches 31,000 m². The design team was expected by the Client to be able to present a unique design. The buildings not only need to be really functional, but also they must be successfully represent the identity of the company, to appear aesthetically as a world class icon, while also still within the range of reasonable construction time and cost.


An innovative engineering solution is needed to obtain a reasonable and economic roof truss system which is structurally need to be able to withhold the loads of the suspended and walkable ceilings as well as to restrict vertical and horizontal deformations to the least. The total length of the production buildings is 462 meters. To avoid the “dragon dancing” effect during a severe earthquake as well as taking into account the suggestion given by the fire engineer, this total building length was divided into four segments, namely 192, 72, 120, and 78 meters. Seismic joints were provided at each separation.


In order to form rigid floor diaphragms as well as preventing differential settlements of the ground slabs on which all production machineries are installed, a suspended floor system was designed and constructed. A series of “Y” shaped columns were chosen since they represent the company logo. The vertical drains for channeling the rain water from the horizontal gutters may only be situated at both ends of each building segments. Given this challenge, the structural engineer offered an innovative solution by designing a robust and integrated structural system combining the suspended floor system, the “Y” shaped columns, the horizontal gutters acting as deep beams, the vertical drains acting as structural core walls at each corner of building segments.

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